The Best Restaurants In Marrakech – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

Here we are with an insider’s guide of restaurants in Marrakech for the gourmands in and visiting this city. Marrakech is a city where you will find a varied cuisine ranging from the fine Arabic restaurants to the traditional hot spots.

restaurants in marrakech

Marrakech’s age old North African culture and a thriving contemporary art scene make it a beguiling city to visit. The same duality of old and new very well reflects in the city’s fine dining landscape.

Without much ado, here ate the restaurants in Marrakech I suggest for the first time visitor.

Le Jardin

Address – 32 Souk Jeld Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

In the secluded Medina alleyway embracing the old town of Marrakech with a touch of French elegance and refinement is the hidden Le Jardin.

An oasis of peace within the chaotic world of the Medina, the restaurant in a 17th-century mansion takes its diners into the palatial charm of ancient and peaceful Marrakech. In its traditional Moroccan design and retro 1960s decor served are some Moroccan classics and organic dishes from its extensive menu.

Latitude 31

Address – 186, rue El Gza Arset lhiri Bab Doukkala – Marrakech, 186 Rue el Gza, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Located in off the busy Reu El Gza area, Latitude 31 is a place one visits to try out some sophisticated Medi-Moroccan fusion cuisine. The menu includes offerings such as cream cheese pastries with strawberry puree, and chicken tagine with caramelised apples and thyme honey.

Enhancing such fanciful dishes is the plating, beautifully garnished with colourful fresh flowers and green herbs. Relinquish the delicacies at this blissfully tranquil courtyard with some mellow soundtracks.

Gastro MK

Address – 14 Derb Sebaai, Quartier Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, 40000, Morocco

Adhering to the values of chic luxury Masion MK hotel’s the restaurant is located in, customer care, cutting edge innovation and artistic creativity are at top priority. On the menu evoking the Francophone culture are some tantalizing infusions of European and North African culinary cultures.

Of the surprising interpretations of classical dishes featuring in the five-course tasting menu are items such as chicken pastilla with almonds, pumpkin puree, and an apricot sauce and duck leg confit, potato sarladaise, dried fruit chutney, carrot crisp with foie gras sauce.

Le Restaurant at La Maison Arabe

Address – Derb Assehbi, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Being a host to Winston Churchill, Jackie Kennedy and the Aga Khan, La Maison Arabe has set a benchmark in the fine dining market since established in 1947.

Creating a romantic ambiance is the warm, lantern-lit atmosphere enhanced by the dulcet tones of Arab-Andalucian music playing softly in the background. With exclusive heart-warming Moroccan classics on the menu, the top choice includes tanjia and saffron-infused lamb chops.

Le Grand Café de la Poste

Address – Avenue Imam Malik, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Fusing the sophistication of colonial era Morocco with contemporary trends is the restaurants retro decor emphasising on Art Deco styling and a relaxed ambience. On the menu is a traditional multifaceted Moroccan cuisine with a tweak of French techniques.

Highly recommended is the tender roast beef, grilled sardines and foie de veau persillé. Often packed at the afternoons with pre party cocktail drinkers is the large terrace that has hosted many famous faces to its luxurious surroundings.

La Famille

Address – 42 Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh 40040, Morocco

As the Saharan sun rises up the head, a shady retreat under the nearest tree is all one looks for. This is one of the restaurants in Marrakech which is situated in a large enclosed garden. La Famille offers such a delight in this high urban city devoid of greenery.

Sitting under the shades of banana and olive trees one enjoys the fresh and simplistic vegetarian Mediterranean menu that alters with the changing seasons. Highly recommended are the salads. As you wait to be served, go some shopping at a cute shop stocked with some lovely leather goods, jewellery, ceramics and baskets.

On this Moroccan foodie delight all you get to relish are some of the fine dine delicate restaurants in Marrakech to the open casual eateries.

So what’s the wait for…get your travel feet out and set on this scrumptious food trail.

Mohit Agarwal

Mohit Agarwal is a civil engineer by profession & started travel blogging to share his experiences while traveling to new places without any planned itinerary, as it adds up to more adventure & exploring more about the city. He also loves photography to capture natural views with no or minimal filters.

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