The Most Popular Restaurants In Fes – Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

The most popular restaurants in Fes are synonymous with taste and tradition that Morocco is hailed for. The plethora of Moroccan cuisines that one can sample in Fes is part of its cultural identity.

The city is full of restaurants that are a gastronomical delight and are loaded with savory dishes like couscous and tajine among others. The cultural capital of Morocco is vibrant and lively and yet holds on to its old world charm, this theme transcends to its food as well.

Popular Restaurants In Fes

These below mentioned popular restaurants in Fes are my pick of the lot.

Riad Rcif

Address – Avenue Ben Mohamed EL Alaoui, 1, Takharbicht Laayoune Place Rcif, Fes, Morocco

Visiting a new place means indulging in all sort of new things including the local food. Whenever you visit a place as rich in culture as Morocco, then it’s a must that you try the local cuisine. Riad Rcif excels in providing such succulent dishes, including pastilla and beef with tangiers, made out of the freshest ingredients.

Furthermore, the food is value for money as the proportions are of generous size. In addition to a great meal is a great view that you can enjoy if you opt to sit on the vast and beautiful terrace of Riad Rcif.

Dar Roumana

Address – 30 Derb el-Amer, Zqaq Roumane, The Medina, Fes 30110, Morocco

Get to feast on some delicious Moroccan cuisines in the most elegant interiors at Dar Roumana. The restaurant is in a very traditional setting surrounded by a beautifully decorated Riad. Although the menu only offers a limited choice in terms of dishes, each cuisine is rich with flavors and cooked to perfection.

On the contrary, you can enjoy all the exquisite taste of Moroccan food in comfort of this cozy eatery. The roof terrace of Dar Roumana offers a stunning view of the city and nearby is a library where you can quietly enjoy a book.

Restaurant Numero 7

Address – 7 Zkak Rouah, Medina, Fes 30110, Morocco

If you are looking for a culinary adventure in Fes, then head to Restaurant Numero 7. Not only is the restaurant among the most popular restaurants in Fes, it is also a must try eatery in the city. Here, new chefs, on invitation come and prepare new dishes in the kitchen every few months, which is why there is always a new cuisine on the menu.

In addition to that, the rustic interiors of the place are an interesting mixture of the old and the modern. The menu is handwritten on the blackboard and sits in well with the rustic charm of the place. It would be a crime to visit Fes and not checkout Restaurant Numero 7.

Les Jardins de Sheherazade

Address – Douh, 23 Arsat Bennis, Fès, Morocco

The real beauty of Fey is in the dreamy Moroccan ambiance which looks straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. Les Jardins de Sheherazade is one such place that is brimming with magic and romance.

You can choose to dine in the beautiful courtyard that is surrounded by colorful flowers or you can have your meal like royalty in the lavish interiors. Les Jardins de Sheherazade takes the experience of fine dining several notches higher.

Riad Louna

Address – 21، Derb Serraj، Fes 30100, Morocco

This fantastic restaurant is located in the historic quarter of Fes and that vastly adds to its appeal and ambiance.

The chefs at Riad Louna exude a certain passion for what they cook and that is evident in their cuisines such as pastillas, beef dishes, and chicken tagine. Each of the dishes that are prepared is rich in taste and flavor; on top of that, the staff is really warm and eager to assist.

Restaurant Dar Hatim

Address – N°19 Derb Ezaouia Fandak , Lihoudi, Fès 30000, Morocco

They say Moroccan dishes are best enjoyed in a native home and if you believe the same then do check out Restaurant Dar Hatim.

It is a family run restaurant and offers an authentic taste of traditional dishes n a warm and cozy setting. The menu here is overflowing with succulent dishes and the salads and fiery sauces are to die for.

Get the taste of real Moroccan delicacies at these six popular restaurants in Fes.

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