Few Famous Events and Festivals in Ensenada

If you are planning to visit Ensenada, sightseeing and shopping are not the only things to do; there are several interesting events in Ensenada that you can enjoy. Held throughout the year and on special days, Ensenada has its festivals and events that reflect the Mexican heritage it carries. Baja California is very close to the US border but keeps its culture true to its Latin roots. A short break with your family or close friends will definitely be more fun and memorable if you go to these festivals and events wear listing for you below.

Ensenada Wine Festivals

When you wonder about what you can do in Ensenada, remember that Ensenada is the land of winemaking! For 27 years, Ensenada has paid homage to the grape harvest season in the valleys of Baja California in the form of a wine festival. The festival of Fiestas De La Vendimia brings together the most important wineries of the region, famous international chefs and the most prestigious restaurants in all of Mexico. During the celebration, there will be events such as wine tastings, wine appreciation workshops, musical concerts by international artists, family-oriented festivals, wine tours and dinner pairings with renowned guest chefs. The annual grape harvest festival has more than 40 events in Ensenada each year for you to have an immersive experience. Wine festivals in Ensenada are celebrated throughout the season according to the procedure of making wine, such as a festival of good harvest, seasonal bloom etc.

Baja Sea Food Expo

A port city has to have a festival dedicate to seafood! This event celebrates Ensenada’s local seafood culinary scene and sportfishing with competitive activities. Enjoy various types of seafood cooked by the best restaurants and many talented locals as well as guest chefs. The aroma of food in the air will make your mouth water! There are also workshops held for you to learn how to cook seafood dishes from several family recipes handed down from generation to generation. The festival is held on Costero Boulevard across the street from Riviera of Ensenada.

Annual San Diego-Ensenada Yacht Race

After all the food and wine talk, let us get your hearts racing with sports! The Annual San Diego- Ensenada Yacht race has a lot of fans. For those who would like to participate, you need to have the basics right. There are a lot of contenders from all over the world who come to participate in this race. The race starts from San Diego and ends in the waters of Ensenada, where spectators throng to witness hundreds of yachts braving the waves and racing toward a handsome prize. There are many shacks installed where you can grab a bite and a glass of wine to kick back and watch the match live on a jumbo screen.

Carnaval Ensenada

Carnaval Ensenada is the port city’s own Mardi Gras style festival. It is held before the period of 40 days of the Lenten season commences. Since Mexico is a very religious region, they make sure to celebrate this festival with pomp and show. Music is playing on the streets when people dress up in their traditional attires and make a procession. It is a lot of fun to watch people dressed and dancing in a colourful mix of feathers, jewels, and neon. Food is a big part of their heritage and culture of Ensenada and hence is always involved in every festival. There are also many fun games and events that will make you feel like a happy child again!

Ensenada’s Whale Watching Festival

The whale watching festival is one of the best events in Ensenada all year. Every year during the months of December to April, Ensenada welcomes the gray whales migrating from the icy waters of Alaska. You can take a four-hour guided tour and witness the magnificent California gray whales near Ensenada’s Todos Santos Bay as they migrate to Mexico’s warmer waters. Listening to the musical sounds of the whales communicating and getting up close with the gentle giants is on many people’s dream list. Whale watching is an experience of a lifetime as you will feel humbled t be in the presence of such nobility of the animal kingdom. Whales are known to be social creatures, so don’t be surprised if one of them comes to you for closer inspection; you’d be considered very lucky if they did!

These were some of the most exciting and important festivals and events in Ensenada. It would be the best idea to plan your visit in accordance with one of these for a better tourist experience!

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